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March 2014 Archives

Construction workers injured at job site in Linden

Several construction workers were injured earlier this week at a job site in Linden when a building under construction partially collapsed. In total, six beams that were to support the deck or ceiling of a warehouse fell. One of the workers survived the incident with a head injury, but he is currently in stable condition.

Holding truckers accountable for deadly, injurious accidents

New Jersey didn’t make the top ten for the list of states where deadly truck accidents are most likely to occur. That report, which looked at crash data from 2012, found that the state of North Dakota was the most likely state for fatal truck crashes to happen. Following North Dakota were a number of more rural states, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Indiana.

Older generations are driving more, crashing less

As New Jersey drivers age, their confidence in their driving skills may weaken, causing them to avoid driving as much as they once did. The might avoid going out at night, during bad weather or even during rush hour. Although this may be the case for some older drivers, a recent study shows that it definitely is not always the case.