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June 2015 Archives

New Jersey drunk driving accident: state prevention strategies

It seems that few days go by without a DUI-related accident being reported on the news. While the dangers of driving while impaired are well-known, numerous Americans still choose to get behind the wheel while inebriated. In New Jersey it is no different. It is truly unfortunate that one may fall victim to a drunk driving accident as a result.

New Jersey work injury: repetitive movements and back injuries

For a significant number of New Jersey residents, going to work most days of the week means having to perform repetitive tasks and movements on a frequent basis. Over time, certain movements -- when consistently repeated -- can lead to a work injury if proper precautions are not taken. However, even with taking preventative measures some motions can simply put too much stress on the body. What few employees may realize is that on-the-job injuries tied to repetitive motions may qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

1 dead after truck accident in New Jersey

A recent crash in northern New Jersey is responsible for the death of one individual. A preliminary investigation into the cause of the truck accident, indicate that the driver of the semi struck an overpass, causing the contents of the truck to hit a passing car. It is unknown if any charges are pending against the driver believed responsible.

John Nash and wife killed in New Jersey car crash

One of the greatest mathematicians of our time, Mr. John Nash, and his wife were killed in an accident in New Jersey. Investigators are still looking into the car crash. At this time, charges have not been filed against the driver believed responsible for the tragedy.