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February 2016 Archives

New Jersey premises liability: 1 dead, several injured in fire

A fire at an apartment building in New Jersey resulted in one person losing her life and left several other individuals injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire. Depending on the findings in this case, the family members of the deceased and the other residents may be able to pursue legal actions -- such as premises liability, personal injury or wrongful death claims -- in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

New Jersey car crash: Numerous weather-related accidents reported

With the intense winter storms that have been hitting New Jersey as of late, numerous auto accidents have been reported. In one county alone, first responders were called to approximately two dozen incidents in a 24 hour period. While weather certainly can play a role in a car crash, authorities will also consider if other factors contributed to a wreck. If negligence is suspected, victims may have legal recourse.

New Jersey truck accident: Trucker drug and alcohol testing

As part of their job requirements, commercial drivers are frequently tested for drug and/or alcohol use. The vehicles that they drive can cause significant damage if involved in collisions. Unfortunately, a truck accident resulting from intoxicated driving is not too uncommon. In fact, there are plenty of people in New Jersey and across the country who have been injured or lost loved ones at the hands of impaired truck drivers.

Drunk driving accident in New Jersey kills 1

A New Jersey man has been arrested and charged for his involvement in a crash that resulted in the death of another individual. The alleged drunk driving accident occurred Jan. 29, in Sussex County. At this time, it is unknown if any other charges are pending against this young man.