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March 2016 Archives

Dangerous property conditions can lead to slip and fall accidents

In New Jersey and elsewhere, it is not hard to find property conditions that are less than ideal. When walking through residential, private or commercial properties, one needs to be careful as hazards are often present. Dangerous property conditions can lead to slip and fall accidents which, sadly, can leave victims with a number of physical, emotional and financial struggles.

Had an accident caused by a distracted driver?

Auto collisions caused by distracted drivers are pretty common in New Jersey. When a distracted driver causes a car accident, the victim or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her surviving family members, may have legal recourse. Civil claims may be filed in an effort to seek compensation for any losses sustained.

New Jersey work comp: Officer loses life while on-the-job

New Jersey has lost another one of its fine troopers in a tragic auto-pedestrian accident. This individual was reportedly struck by a vehicle while he was tending to a crash scene. While nothing can replace the life that has been lost, the victim's loved ones may be entitled to collect his work comp benefits, which could certainly help as they figure out how to move forward.

Whiplash injury common after a rear-end car crash

Those in New Jersey who have ever been rear-ended while driving are probably familiar with whiplash injuries. Whiplash is considered the most common injury after a rear-end car crash. Some people may not think this type of injury can have severe consequences, but this is far from the truth. Whiplash injuries can be felt for a lifetime, even with medical and rehabilitative treatments.