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May 2016 Archives

New Jersey truck accident: Sleep apnea the cause of some crashes

The trucking industry is pretty highly regulated and for good reason. Commercial vehicles can be found in large numbers in New Jersey and elsewhere, which does pose a risk to public safety. Truckers are required to pass medical examinations and abide by doctor's orders if they want to obtain and keep their licenses. Unfortunately, for some medical conditions -- such as sleep apnea -- this is not always happening. Sleep apnea leads to driver fatigue, which can lead to a truck accident.

New Jersey animal bite: Toddler attacked by pit bull

A young girl in New Jersey required emergency surgery following an animal attack on May 14. According to reports, the child was staying with her grandmother when she was mauled by a pit bull. This is just one case involving an animal bite or attack that occurred recently. Several others were reported to police in April.

New Jersey work injury: UPS driver injured while on the job

A UPS driver in New Jersey was recently injured after his delivery truck was struck by a dump truck. This incident reportedly occurred in Cedar Grove on May 5. As this incident occurred while the delivery driver was on the job, this is considered a work injury, one for which the victim may utilize workers' compensation benefits for medical care and recovery costs.

Injured or lost a loved on in a drunk driving accident?

Every single day across the country, approximately 27 people are killed in accidents involving drunk drivers. Numerous others are injured in such incidents. When a drunk driving accident occurs, whether in New Jersey or elsewhere, what can victims or -- in the event of fatality -- surviving family members do?