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June 2016 Archives

New Jersey car crash: 2 fatal hit and runs in 24 hours

Police in New Jersey are looking for the drivers responsible for two hit-and-run accidents. It is not uncommon for an auto-pedestrian car crash to prove fatal, and that is just what happened in each of these tragedies. When the drivers are found, according to state laws, the victims' surviving loved ones may have legal recourse.

Not uncommon for a DWI accident to result in fatality

Every day on roads in New Jersey and throughout the United States, it is not uncommon to find impaired drivers. Millions of drivers a year admit to having driven drunk at some point -- though not all are involved in accidents or are criminally charged. However, numerous alcohol-related auto collisions do occur and many of them result in fatality. When a fatal DWI accident does take place, a victim's surviving family members may be left struggling in a variety of ways.

Who is responsible for indoor dangerous property conditions?

In New Jersey or elsewhere, when visiting commercial or private properties -- such as retailers or even other's homes, -- no one expects to get hurt. However, numerous injuries occur each and every year due to indoor dangerous property conditions. Slip-and-fall incidents are likey to blame for a majority of these accidents.

Single vehicle car crash in New Jersey kills 1, injures 1

A single-vehicle accident in New Jersey is currently being investigated by authorities. The car crash occurred in Mannington Township in the early morning hours of June 5. For reasons unknown, the driver of the vehicle is believed to have driven the car off the road and struck a utility pole.