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December 2016 Archives

Family of killed trucker may access work comp death benefits

A tragic accident on the New Jersey Turnpike claimed the life of a semi driver. This accident occurred the evening of Dec. 20, in Burlington County. The surviving family members of the victim may be able to access work comp death benefits in order to help them during this difficult time. They may also be entitled to pursue civil claims against the individual believed responsible for the wreck.

What damages can be sought following a truck accident?

In New Jersey and elsewhere, it is common to hear of auto accidents involving commercial vehicles. When a truck accident happens, those who have been injured or lost loved ones are left dealing with a number of losses -- some of which may be absolutely devastating. Thankfully, according to state laws, those who have experienced damages in such incidents may be able to seek compensation.

New Jersey work comp: Crash kills state trooper

Law enforcement authorities in New Jersey are currently investigating a crash that took the life of a young state trooper. As he was on-the-job at the time of his death, his new bride may be able to access work comp death benefits to help her handle the economic challenges that are likely to present due to the loss of life. She may also file civil claims against the estate of the driver believed responsible for her husband's untimely death.

4 injured in drunk driving accident in New Jersey

The driver believed responsible for a wreck with injuries in New Jersey was arrested and charged for the incident. Authorities claim that this individual was driving under the influence at the time of the crash. Those injured in this drunk driving accident may be entitled to seek compensation for any losses they have sustained as a result.