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New Jersey premises liability: Hotels and bed bugs

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that seem impossible to get rid of after they have infested a room. Sadly, hotel bed bug infestations are pretty common in New Jersey and elsewhere. While their bites may be small, some individuals can suffer serious physical and psychological damages after coming in contact with these bugs. To anyone who finds him or herself in such a situation, premises liability claims may be filed against those believed responsible in an effort to seek compensation.

There are actually few laws regarding hotel bed bug infestations. Property owners are simply to maintain clean environments in order to prevents pests. Some states do require that, if bed bugs are found, rooms are to be closed off to guests and the infestation appropriately addressed. New Jersey, unfortunately, is not among the list of states that requires this approach.

There are those who seem to think bed bugs are relatively harmless. However, their bites can cause allergic reactions, rashes and even scars that may be permanent. Bed bugs are also known to attach to clothing and suitcases, so unsuspecting victims may even bring the pests home with them causing further problems.

When one checks into a hotel, it is reasonable to expect the room to be clean and pest free. Those in New Jersey who find otherwise and have suffered due to bed bug infestations may have legal recourse. An experienced attorney can assist in filing premises liability claim against the property owner in civil court in order to seek damages either through litigation or out-of-court negotiations.

Source: USA Today, "Hotel Obligations for Bed Bugs", Christopher Michael, Jan. 8, 2017

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