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April 2018 Archives

Tesla car company under investigation after man's work injury

Companies aspire and strive to meet customer demands for their product. To meet high demands, sometimes production is sped up. With a faster output on the assembly line, it can raise the risk of a serious work injury. An injury would not only stall the employee's ability to work, but potentially stall production for the company if work safety becomes a concern. In order to avoid injury on the job, it is imperative for company owners in New Jersey to consider the safety of their workers during manufacture.

Tree worker dies from work injury

Protocols and procedures are put in place as safety guidelines for people working in hazardous work environments. To avoid an accident, New Jersey workers should meticulously calculate every decision and move when completing a high-risk job. Unfortunately, there can be miscalculations on a job due to human error that can lead to a serious work injury or death. Recently, a man in a neighboring state lost his life after a tragic fall while taking safety measures to complete a task.

Construction worker died from work injury

Large machinery is beneficial when working on a construction site as it can help complete a task quicker and easier than manual labor. However, it also has its risks for those operating or working near the equipment. Regardless of New Jersey safety regulations put in place to avoid a mishap, sometimes an accident occurs that results in a work injury or death. According to reports, almost half of the work fatalities are related to construction.

2 killed in fiery truck accident

There are many dangers when driving on the road, including encounters with larger vehicles. Many times, the visibility of a large truck is limited, posing a potential risk of a collision. When one is involved in a truck accident as a passenger in a smaller car, the probability of being seriously injured or killed increases significantly.  Unfortunately, an off-duty New Jersey firefighter and one other person lost their lives in a recent tragic accident with a dump truck.