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August 2018 Archives

Failure to stop at a red light causes serious truck accident

Traffic during rush hour in New Jersey can involve being stuck in stop-and-go traffic.  Even when traffic is moving, a driver needs to be prepared to slow down or stop. In a recent accident in New Jersey it appears that a driver of an 18 wheeler may have neglected to slow down and, in failing to do so, caused a serious truck accident.

Pizza, friends and a tragic car accident

People enjoying an evening of pizza and friendship don't expect to have their evening interrupted by a tragedy. That's just what happened at a New Jersey pizza establishment near Fredon. A little after 9 p.m. a customer came running into the restaurant saying there had been a car accident.

A DUI accident leads to sudden death

How many times a day do people get out of taxi cabs in New Jersey? How many times a day do people think their lives may end as they step out of a taxi cab? Most people are thinking about their meetings, their lunches, their jobs, or just the day ahead of them. Sadly, such a tragic incident befell a man in Plainfield earlier this year as a result of a DUI accident.

Drinking, driving and night can cause a tragic car crash

Summer is in full swing and there are all kinds of activities on New Jersey roads. Bicycles, motorcycles and even skateboards require drivers to exercise additional caution, especially after dark. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and have tragic outcomes. Such was the case in a recent car crash in Hamilton that occurred after midnight.