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September 2018 Archives

Workers' compensation may help defray accidental death costs

Some jobs in New Jersey carry risk. Working on cargo ships at the port in New Jersey carries some risk but workers expect safety measures to help ensure their safety on the job. A possible failure of those safety measures recently resulted in the tragic death of a young man from Pennsauken. Such an accident may become a workers' compensation issue.

Truck accident results in death of a young cyclist

School is back in session for everyone from kindergartners to university students in New Jersey. Among the older group, many ride bicycles to and from class. With more bicycles on the roadways, the risk of a truck accident rises exponentially. A construction vehicle was recently involved in a fatal accident with a bike rider.

Rush hour car accident leaves 1 dead

Driving in rush hour in New Jersey can be a dangerous undertaking. People are in a hurry to get home, to an appointment or maybe to a child's sporting event. The risk of a car accident is greater in such situations. An accident recently occurred during rush hour near Randolph Township on Route 10 near Dover Chester Rd.

A car accident involving a bicycle has a tragic ending

Bicycles are enjoying a surge in popularity in New Jersey. As more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of exercise, bicycles are being viewed as a means to achieve it. Bicycles present a very accessible medium to exercise for almost every age group. Sadly, an increased number of bikes on the road may lead to an increased chance of being involved in a car accident.