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Inadequate safety can result in a premises liability case

Keeping the power grid up and running in New Jersey is a critical task performed by dedicated employees. Working in an electrical power environment carries some risks. While employees may be aware of the risks, they also have a right to expect to be safe while on the job. Failure to adequately provide for safety may result in a premises liability case.

Man suffers animal bite from loose dog

Pets can bring joy and love to a family home. However, they can also bring terror to an individual in the event of an unexpected attack. An animal bite can leave lasting impressions, physically, mentally and emotionally. Suffering from an injury caused by an animal can also cause an individual financial repercussion. One New Jersey man is still recovering physically and financially from a dog attack that disfigured his face last year.

An animal bite in New Jersey can be a serious and costly injury

There are few creatures in life that seem to engender mixed feelings as much as the family dog. While there are those who are devoted to these pets, those who have suffered a serious injury from an animal bite likely may have a fear of them that may last a lifetime. Victims in New Jersey see the highest treatment costs in the country.

Infection a big concern following an animal bite

Every year, across the country, millions of people are injured in animal attacks. Following an animal bite, infection is a big concern. New Jersey residents who have fallen victim to animal attacks, even if they first seem minor in nature, should seek medical attention if any signs of infection become present.

New Jersey premises liability: Hotels and bed bugs

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that seem impossible to get rid of after they have infested a room. Sadly, hotel bed bug infestations are pretty common in New Jersey and elsewhere. While their bites may be small, some individuals can suffer serious physical and psychological damages after coming in contact with these bugs. To anyone who finds him or herself in such a situation, premises liability claims may be filed against those believed responsible in an effort to seek compensation.

New Jersey premises liability: 1 injured in retirement home fire

An elderly gentleman required hospitalization following a fire that left him with severe burns on his hands, head and face. The fire broke out at a New Jersey retirement home in the early evening of Nov. 26. The injured victim may be entitled to pursue premises liability and any other applicable legal claims in an effort to seek compensation for his losses.

New Jersey premises liability: Millions awarded in Target case

For consumers in New Jersey and elsewhere, it is reasonable to expect that one will be safe from harm when visiting a business establishment. Unfortunately, things happen, and those injured are left to wonder: who is responsible? Recently, a woman in another state won her premises liability injury case against the giant retailer, Target. This is a case that may be interesting to others across the country who have been hurt on business property.

Compensation may be available following an animal bite

Those in New Jersey who have ever been attacked by an animal know that the resulting effects can be long-lasting. After an animal bite, one can experience a number of health and physical-related issues, from sickness to disfigurement. These of course can lead one to experience emotional and financial damages as well. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may be entitled to seek compensation for any losses you have sustained.

New Jersey premises liability: 2 dead and several injured in fire

In mid-August, a house fire in New Jersey claimed the lives of two individuals and left several others injured and homeless. This incident occurred at a rental property in Little Ferry. At least three families have been affected by this event. Currently, investigators are unsure as to why the fire started. However, if the property owner is believed negligent in any way, each of the affected families may be able to pursue premises liability claims in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

Who is responsible for indoor dangerous property conditions?

In New Jersey or elsewhere, when visiting commercial or private properties -- such as retailers or even other's homes, -- no one expects to get hurt. However, numerous injuries occur each and every year due to indoor dangerous property conditions. Slip-and-fall incidents are likey to blame for a majority of these accidents.