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New Jersey man suffers work injury 6 feet under

Those working in physically demanding jobs not only rely on their own manpower to complete the job but also their equipment. However, sometimes, equipment can fail, causing a delay in the job completion or worse, a work injury. Recently, a New Jersey cemetery worker experienced a failure of equipment, which led to him being buried alive.

Construction worker suffers serious work injury in demolition

Construction work can be dangerous for New Jersey workers in the industry. Whether caused by equipment failure, lack of safety precautions or other factors, an accident on the job could result in a serious work injury. In addition to the physical suffering a victim may face, he or she may also have to deal with unexpected financial burdens. A worker in a neighboring state was recently injured when a roof collapsed.

1 dead, 2 injured in electrical work injury

While construction work can be rewarding for those in the industry, it can also be dangerous. Most construction companies in New Jersey and across the country implement various safety measures to keep workers safe. However, an unexpected accident may still occur and cause a work injury. Two workers in another state were recently injured and another was killed in an accident on the job.

Man faces work injury after falling down elevator shaft

Accidents on the job can happen in an instant. This can be especially true for those working at construction sites. Most New Jersey employers make use of many kinds of safety measures to avoid such incidents, but an unexpected work injury may still occur. A construction worker in a nearby state was recently injured in a fall.

Explosion causes serious work injury for employee

There are many industries in New Jersey and across the country that pose some form of risk to their employees. In many cases, these risks are negligible because of the safety measures in place to prevent injuries. Other times, an unexpected accident could result in a more serious outcome. One man is now facing a severe work injury after an explosion occurred at his place of employment.

Man suffers serious work injury after fall

There may be many different ways a New Jersey work accident can occur. For those in the construction industry, falls are a common cause of injury. A worker in another state recently suffered a serious work injury as a result of a fall in a building being remodeled into a hotel.

Man faces work injury after factory explosion

Most careers in New Jersey and across the country include some form of risk in their daily activities. An office job may result in an injury over a long period of repetitive actions such as typing, while a more labor intensive job may result in an work injury from a sudden accident involving machinery. An unexpected explosion recently caused injury to a worker in another state.

Man suffers serious work injury in explosion

In spite of the many safety precautions in place at most New Jersey businesses these days, an unexpected accident could still happen. Whether caused by a simple mistake or other issue, such an accident could result in a serious work injury. A man in another state was recently injured in an explosion that occurred while he was on the job.

New Jersey worker suffers serious work injury from power lines

Electrocution is a real risk that many utility workers in New Jersey and around the country face on a regular basis. Though safety measures are often enforced to prevent such an accident, a work injury may still happen. A worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries after one such incident.

Construction worker suffers work injury on New Jersey expressway

Accidents on the job could happen any number of ways. Those whose professions require physical labor are often at higher risk of being involved in an accident. In some cases, such an incident could result in a work injury. A New Jersey construction worker was recently injured while performing work on a local expressway.