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Workers' Compensation Archives

New Jersey work injury: Dock worker loses hand in accident

Medical staff at University Medical Center were presented with a rather difficult case earlier in October when a man was brought to the facility with a severed hand. This was reportedly a work injury that the patient suffered while working at the APM container terminal at Port Elizabeth in New Jersey. This individual's current condition is unknown.

Legal recourse for a construction work injury

Construction workers in New Jersey and elsewhere have difficult and often dangerous jobs. Various injuries are experienced by individuals who work in this field, some of which have fatal consequences. When one suffers a work injury it is not uncommon to wonder if he or she may have legal recourse beyond filing a workers' compensation claim. To determine this, the circumstances surrounding the incident will have to be thoroughly investigated.

New Jersey work injury: repetitive movements and back injuries

For a significant number of New Jersey residents, going to work most days of the week means having to perform repetitive tasks and movements on a frequent basis. Over time, certain movements -- when consistently repeated -- can lead to a work injury if proper precautions are not taken. However, even with taking preventative measures some motions can simply put too much stress on the body. What few employees may realize is that on-the-job injuries tied to repetitive motions may qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

The prevalence and causes of occupational hearing loss

Many employees in New Jersey might not consider hearing loss a potential risk of their jobs, so they may be shocked to learn that 24 percent of hearing-loss cases among workers is the result of their occupations. Affecting more than 11 percent of the working population, hearing loss is in the top three of chronic health problems in older adults behind hypertension and arthritis.

New Jersey explosion injures gas workers, firefighters, and EMTs

A gas explosion that leveled a house in Ocean County, New Jersey injured seven gas workers, six firefighters and two EMTs. Police car video revealed the explosion that completely destroyed a home in the Cedar Run neighborhood and sent debris high into the air.

A look at roadside worker fatalities across the country

New Jersey workers may be interested in some data about the prevalence of fatalities where roadside workers are concerned. Though the number killed every year appears to be dropping, the risk of work injury or death remains great.

Warehouse owner charged in electrocution case

A South Brunswick warehouse owner is now facing criminal charges in connection with an alleged electrocution of an employee after being criminally charged in the matter on Oct. 6, authorities state. According to police, the owner, a 38-year-old resident of Canada, had claimed there was no electricity running to a machine by which the employee was found unconscious. The owner claimed the employee had simply suffered a heart attack.

Workers' compensation in New Jersey

Most employees in New Jersey have workers' compensation coverage from their employers, and this form of insurance offers benefits to a worker who suffers from job-related illnesses or injuries. The type of benefits that a worker receives is based on an injury or illness, and an employee may be given medical benefits, permanent partial disability benefits and temporary or permanent total disability benefits. An employee's family may also receive death benefits if a work-related fatality occurs.

Work comp, death benefits and a tire-strewn highway

While pulling a tire fragment from a roadway, a New Jersey turnpike maintenance worker was struck and killed by a small truck on the morning of July 10. The victim had parked his work vehicle on the shoulder and switched on the flashing amber lights designed to caution drivers on the presence of workers on foot.

Comparing risks in occupations

New Jersey readers might think that jobs with higher risks tend to pay better. However, it is important to understand that the pay may not be as high as some believe and being injured on the job can lead to permanent disability or even death. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh the potentially better pay against the higher risks involved in some jobs. A recent article discussed how well some of the more dangerous jobs pay.