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Workers' Compensation Archives

Man suffers serious work injury in explosion

In spite of the many safety precautions in place at most New Jersey businesses these days, an unexpected accident could still happen. Whether caused by a simple mistake or other issue, such an accident could result in a serious work injury. A man in another state was recently injured in an explosion that occurred while he was on the job.

New Jersey worker suffers serious work injury from power lines

Electrocution is a real risk that many utility workers in New Jersey and around the country face on a regular basis. Though safety measures are often enforced to prevent such an accident, a work injury may still happen. A worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries after one such incident.

Construction worker suffers work injury on New Jersey expressway

Accidents on the job could happen any number of ways. Those whose professions require physical labor are often at higher risk of being involved in an accident. In some cases, such an incident could result in a work injury. A New Jersey construction worker was recently injured while performing work on a local expressway.

New Jersey worker suffers serious work injury after fall

Though most workplaces try to implement as many safety precautions as believed necessary, unexpected accidents may still happen. Depending on the severity of the incident, employees may then face a serious work injury that not only causes physical injury but may keep them out of work due to a lengthy recovery period. One New Jersey man was recently injured after falling at a construction site.

City worker suffers serious work injury

There is some element of risk in most New Jersey work environments. This risk can vary greatly depending on the job. Those performing construction or utility work often have a greater chance of suffering a work injury. A city worker in another state was recently injured after being hit by a car.

Construction worker suffers serious work injury

There may be any number of factors that could contribute to an accident in a New Jersey workplace. Whatever the cause of work injury, those involved may decide to file a workers' compensation claim for financial assistance during and after their recovery. A construction worker in another state may be considering filing after being seriously injured on the job.

Construction worker suffers work injury on site

Many workers in New Jersey make a living in the construction industry. While this type of work can lead to success, it can also be quite dangerous at times. One common type of work injury seen in construction work is related to falls. One such accident recently caused injury to a worker in a nearby state.

Work injury leads to fatality for one New Jersey worker

Construction workers likely know that they may face many different hazards while on the job. Whatever the cause of the accident, a serious work injury or even a fatality may result. Tragically, one New Jersey construction worker was recently killed and another suffered injuries while performing work on a house.

Employee injured by elevator could file for workers' compensation

Sometimes accidents happen in ways no one expects. When this happens on the job, New Jersey employees involved may be able to file workers' compensation claims to help deal with the cost of any resulting injuries or lost wages. A worker at the construction site of a future international food market in a neighboring state suffered severe injuries after an elevator accident.

Workers' compensation claim may help transportation worker

Accidents while on the job can happen in any profession. When a New Jersey employee suffers a work injury, he or she may find it beneficial to file a workers' compensation claim to help handle the aftermath of the incident. Two transportation workers may file claims after suffering injuries while working.