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Drinking, driving and night can cause a tragic car crash

Summer is in full swing and there are all kinds of activities on New Jersey roads. Bicycles, motorcycles and even skateboards require drivers to exercise additional caution, especially after dark. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and have tragic outcomes. Such was the case in a recent car crash in Hamilton that occurred after midnight.

Wrong-way car accident results in the death of a bagel maker

Wrong-way crashes can be horrific. A person driving in the right direction on a highway in New Jersey does not expect to see someone coming at them from the other direction. This happened to a young man on his way to work in Patterson at about 4:40 a.m. on Route 80 near Woodland Park. It resulted in a fatal car accident that took the life of a well-liked area shopkeeper.

Take care near tow trucks to avoid a car accident

When a serious accident happens in New Jersey tow truck drivers are often called upon to remove damaged vehicles. This can be a dangerous undertaking, particularly on a busy highway.  That was the situation after a car accident on Route 287 near Bridgewater on a recent afternoon.

Hit-and-run car crash shuts down a highway

As long as there are cars and drivers in New Jersey there will be car accidents. Accidents are always scary. When more than one vehicle is involved the fear factor can escalate. Add injuries and a hit-and-run driver to the mix and a very frightening situation can come about as the result of a car crash.

Serious car accident possibly caused by distracted driver

As smartphones and other devices become more intertwined with daily life, the more distracted one can be. One of the many dangers faced while traveling on the road is a distracted driver. The inattentiveness of another behind a wheel can lead to serious injury or even death. To avoid an accident, New Jersey drivers should put away cellphones and any other added distractions to focus on the task of driving.

New Jersey man killed in car crash while buckling in his child

Automobile collisions may result from many different factors. Some common causes may be due to drivers who may be distracted or failing to comply with traffic laws. A car crash that results in a fatality may prompt the deceased victim's family to inquire about their legal options. A New Jersey family is likely examining their options after a man was recently killed by another driver.

New Jersey couple killed in recent car accident

Negligent drivers are a common factor in many motor vehicle collisions. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, texting while driving or driving while too tired are all examples of negligence. A New Jersey couple was recently killed in a car accident that may have been caused by a driver acting negligently.

New Jersey man killed in car accident with several vehicles

Automobile collisions are an unfortunate reality in the lives of New Jersey residents and those across the country. Whatever the cause of a car accident, there is always a potential for injury or even death for those involved. Tragically, one man was killed in a recent crash involving three vehicles.

Recent New Jersey car accident injures 2

There are countless factors that could contribute to a motor vehicle collision. Often, the ultimate cause of a car accident is a distracted driver. When drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings by texting and driving, driving while intoxicated or even being tired while behind the wheel, accidents resulting in property damage and injury are much more likely to occur. A recent crash in New Jersey left two people injured.

7 injured in recent New Jersey car crash

Due to the significant number of automobiles on the road at any given moment, it is no surprise that accidents occur regularly. However, a car crash is not something to be taken lightly. Collisions often result in property damage and injury for those involved. A recent crash in New Jersey resulted in injuries for several people.