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Tragic truck accident interrupts school field trip

It is spring in New Jersey. The school year is winding down and it's the season of field trips. Parents sign permission slips, say 'have a good time, behave' and send their kids off for another day at school.  No one expects that their children will be involved in a horrific truck accident.

New Jersey man dies after truck accident

It can be intimidating for a driver in a small car to be on the road with other vehicles that are much larger. The size difference raises concerns of driver visibility and awareness of the surrounding cars whose occupants may be more likely to suffer serious injury in the event of a crash. New Jersey drivers, especially truck drivers, must be mindful of smaller vehicles on the roadway to avoid a potential truck accident.

2 killed in fiery truck accident

There are many dangers when driving on the road, including encounters with larger vehicles. Many times, the visibility of a large truck is limited, posing a potential risk of a collision. When one is involved in a truck accident as a passenger in a smaller car, the probability of being seriously injured or killed increases significantly.  Unfortunately, an off-duty New Jersey firefighter and one other person lost their lives in a recent tragic accident with a dump truck.

Driver of 18-wheeler causes deadly accident

When traveling on a New Jersey roadway, drivers must share the road with different types of vehicles. The size of motor vehicles ranges from the two-wheel motorcycle up to the 18-wheeler. With a large range of sizes, the risk of an accident rises if drivers are unaware of their surroundings or break the traffic laws. Unfortunately, when a large vehicle collides with a smaller, the accident can cause serious injury or death.

Recent New Jersey big rig hit-and-run results in a fatality

Accidents between two or more vehicles often result in property damage and may also cause injuries. When a big rig is involved in such a collision, the risk of injury is often much greater and may even result in fatalities. Tragically, one person was killed in a recent New Jersey truck accident.

New Jersey woman killed in fiery truck accident

Even if precautions are taken, roadways can be dangerous. There can be many reasons a collision might occur, from drivers failing to pay attention to their surroundings to simple mistakes. Whatever the cause, such accidents often result in serious injuries. A New Jersey woman was recently killed in a truck accident.

Truck accident claims the life of New Jersey man

Though tractor-trailers are a necessity in transporting cargo long distances, their size and the heavy loads they typically carry can be dangerous when the trucks are involved in collisions. Unfortunately, these types of collisions often result in fatalities. A truck accident recently led to the death of New Jersey man.

New Jersey man killed in garbage truck accident

At the beginning of February, a New Jersey man was struck by a garbage truck in Bayonne. Sadly, the victim did not survive. When a truck accident results in injury or death, police will work diligently to determine the cause of the crash and liability. In this case, if the garbage truck driver is found to have been negligent in his or her actions, he or she may be held both criminally and civilly responsible for this man's death.

What damages can be sought following a truck accident?

In New Jersey and elsewhere, it is common to hear of auto accidents involving commercial vehicles. When a truck accident happens, those who have been injured or lost loved ones are left dealing with a number of losses -- some of which may be absolutely devastating. Thankfully, according to state laws, those who have experienced damages in such incidents may be able to seek compensation.