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New Jersey truck accident: Sleep apnea the cause of some crashes

The trucking industry is pretty highly regulated and for good reason. Commercial vehicles can be found in large numbers in New Jersey and elsewhere, which does pose a risk to public safety. Truckers are required to pass medical examinations and abide by doctor's orders if they want to obtain and keep their licenses. Unfortunately, for some medical conditions -- such as sleep apnea -- this is not always happening. Sleep apnea leads to driver fatigue, which can lead to a truck accident.

New Jersey truck accident: Trucker drug and alcohol testing

As part of their job requirements, commercial drivers are frequently tested for drug and/or alcohol use. The vehicles that they drive can cause significant damage if involved in collisions. Unfortunately, a truck accident resulting from intoxicated driving is not too uncommon. In fact, there are plenty of people in New Jersey and across the country who have been injured or lost loved ones at the hands of impaired truck drivers.

Truck accident caused by medical-related issue

There are always those stories in the news, in New Jersey and elsewhere, about auto accidents caused by drivers who suffered medical-related issues. These problems can happen to anyone at anytime. As such, as a safety measure, those who drive for a living are generally required to have medical exams performed on a regular basis. A truck driver, for example, has to have one of these exams at least every two years. This is done in order to help avoid a truck accident.

1 injured after 18 wheeler hit minivan in New Jersey

One individual was transported to a medical facility after his car was hit by a truck. For reasons unknown, near the end of November, an 18 wheeler hit the back end of a van while traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike. A fire broke out shortly after the wreck. Thankfully both drivers were able to free themselves from their vehicles.

New Jersey truck accident: Unsecured cargo a public safety threat

Commercial haulers of all sizes are frequently seen on roads across New Jersey. The demand for consumer goods is relatively high right now -- thanks to improvements in the economy -- which has positively impacted the trucking industry as a whole. Unfortunately, with an increase in semis and other commercial vehicles comes concerns about public safety. A truck accident can occur for a number of reasons, one being that cargo has not been properly secured.

Losses suffered in a truck accident may be compensable?

New Jersey residents have seen and experienced more than their fair share of trucking accidents over the years. Those who have been injured in such incidents are often left psychologically traumatized, physically burdened and financially challenged. If you or a loved one has suffered because of a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

2 killed 1 injured in New Jersey truck accident

A crash in New Jersey is believed responsible for the deaths of two people and injuring another. This truck accident occurred on Route 18 the morning of Sept. 16. Both sides of the highway were shut down for some time while rescue teams, clean up crews and investigators worked the scene.

New Jersey truck accident: police targeting commercial vehicles

Accidents involving semi trailers seem to be occurring more frequently now than in past years. This is due, in part, to an increasing number of big rigs traveling not only on roads in New Jersey, but in all areas of the country. As the results of a truck accident can be quite severe, it is reasonable for authorities to do everything possible to help prevent such an incident.