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New Jersey work comp: Officer injured while helping at car crash

A police officer in New Jersey was injured recently while attempting to rescue two individuals after they were involved in what turned out to be a fatal auto accident. This tragic event occurred in Union County, on Oct. 15. As the injuries occurred while the officer was on-duty, he or she may file to receive work comp benefits to assist in the recovery process.

New Jersey work comp: 4 EMS workers hurt in auto accident

On Friday, Aug. 12, a multi-vehicle car crash between an ambulance, a car and a semi-trailer in New Jersey resulted in four emergency medical responders being injured. These individuals were all inside the ambulance when the wreck occurred. It is believed that they were en route to a mutual aid call and that no patients were in the vehicle. As this incident occurred while these individuals were on the job, they may be entitled to utilize work comp benefits to aid in their recoveries.

New Jersey workers' compensation and traumatic incident stress

While every job involves some level of stress, there are certain fields in which employees are exposed to things that are unimaginable to most people. Responding to or witnessing traumatic events can take a serious toll on one's mental and physical health. For employees in New Jersey who have been negatively affected by traumatic incident stress while on the job, workers' compensation benefits may be utilized in order to obtain any necessary medical and psychological care.

Why seek help with your workers' compensation claim?

Most employers in New Jersey and across the country are required by law to supply insurance for potential work-related injuries, disabilities and deaths. If you have been injured while on-the-job, or if you have lost a loved one, these workers' compensation benefits can be extremely valuable when it comes to you receiving the medical and/or financial care you and your family need. Unfortunately, some may struggle receiving the full benefit to which they are entitled.

New Jersey work injury: UPS driver injured while on the job

A UPS driver in New Jersey was recently injured after his delivery truck was struck by a dump truck. This incident reportedly occurred in Cedar Grove on May 5. As this incident occurred while the delivery driver was on the job, this is considered a work injury, one for which the victim may utilize workers' compensation benefits for medical care and recovery costs.

New Jersey workers' compensation: 6 fire fighters injured

Several of New Jersey's finest fire fighters were recently injured while fighting a massive fire in Monmouth County. It is not believed that any of the injuries suffered are life threatening. However, the prognosis of each individual has not been reported. Thankfully, workers' compensation benefits should help cover the costs associated with treatment, rehabilitation, potential disability and income losses.

New Jersey work comp: Officer loses life while on-the-job

New Jersey has lost another one of its fine troopers in a tragic auto-pedestrian accident. This individual was reportedly struck by a vehicle while he was tending to a crash scene. While nothing can replace the life that has been lost, the victim's loved ones may be entitled to collect his work comp benefits, which could certainly help as they figure out how to move forward.

New Jersey work comp: 3 injured in auto accident

In New Jersey, two police officers and one truck driver were injured when their vehicles collided. This accident occurred just days before Christmas in Mendham. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the crashed. As all three victims were on duty at the time of the collision, each may be entitled to work comp benefits which could certainly prove helpful during their recoveries.

Joint damage is a very common work injury

In every field of employment, employees in New Jersey or elsewhere have the possibility of suffering work-related injuries. A work injury can be relatively minor in nature, but it can also be on the more extreme end, causing disability or even death. While there are many different types of injuries that can happen while on-the-job, damage to joints is considered to be one of the most common types of work injury.

New Jersey work injury: Dock worker loses hand in accident

Medical staff at University Medical Center were presented with a rather difficult case earlier in October when a man was brought to the facility with a severed hand. This was reportedly a work injury that the patient suffered while working at the APM container terminal at Port Elizabeth in New Jersey. This individual's current condition is unknown.