Truck driver killed in New Jersey Turnpike accident

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A New Jersey tractor-trailer accident resulted in the death of one man and left another injured on Sept. 26. The accident occurred around 5 a.m. on the New Jersey Turnpike in Ridgefield Park near the entrance to the George Washington Bridge.

The 58-year-old driver of an SUV reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the median on the turnpike. Shortly afterward, a tractor-trailer was allegedly unable to stop in time and collided with the SUV, according to police. The impact caused the tractor-trailer to flip over and block the local and express lanes.

The truck driver died at the scene as a result of unspecified injuries. The SUV driver suffered head injuries and was taken to Hackensack Hospital, where he was listed in stable condition on the day of the accident.

Cleanup crews worked for hours at the car accident scene, clearing the wreckage from the roadway. Authorities were still investigating the accident at the time of the report. It was not stated whether charges would be filed against the SUV driver.

When drivers lose control of their vehicles as a result of distraction or unsafe speeds, they put other drivers around them at risk of serious injury or death. Multiple-vehicle car accidents are sometimes unavoidable, especially at times of high traffic. People who are killed in car accidents often leave behind family members who struggle both emotionally and financially after the loss of their loved ones. Personal injury attorneys may be able to provide victims’ families with advice on recovering compensation after fatal accidents.

Source: WABC, “ 2 lanes reopened after fatal crash at George Washington Bridge approach “, September 26, 2014


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