Car drives into restaurant, injures 2

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For the third time in its 16 years of business, the same New Jersey restaurant has had a car crash through its doors. At the Cluck-U Chicken in Red Bank around noon on March 3, a 71-year-old woman drove into the restaurant and hit a 37-year-old man standing at the counter.

It was necessary to lift the counter off the customer, but the man only had a minor leg injury. Another customer and three other employees were in the restaurant, and one employee sustained a minor hand injury. Neither wanted medical treatment.

Although there was no structural damage to the restaurant, it will remain closed for several days until repairs are made. Other equipment in the restaurant including refrigerators and computer systems were damaged. The car was removed about an hour after the accident. As of the afternoon of March 3, the police had not charged anyone in the accident.

Following a car accident like this one, individuals who are injured may want to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party. If a car drives into a house or a place of business, the driver may be to blame. However, it is also possible that a manufacturer or someone else could be at fault. For example, if a steering wheel or brakes fail, the car manufacturer might be responsible.

Even individuals who do not think that they are seriously injured may want to consult an attorney. Sometimes, an injury is more serious than it initially appears to be. In such a case, a lawsuit might be a way to help recover expenses for medical care and time off work. Source:, “2 injured after car crashes through Red Bank eatery, police say,” Rob Spahr, March 3, 2015


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