3 injured in New Jersy car accident

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Three people were recently hospitalized following a crash in southern New Jersey. This car accident is believed to have resulted from one driver failing to yield the right of way at an intersection. Police reportedly cited the driver thought responsible for this collision.

According to a news report, this two-car crash occurred in Egg Harbor City, on the evening of Jan. 14. It is believed that the victims’ vehicle was traveling eastbound on Route 30 when it was struck by a car whose driver was attempting a left-hand turn onto a local avenue. Three people were transported to area hospitals with unspecified injuries following the wreck.

Police have not identified those involved in this incident. It is unknown if the driver deemed responsible for the crash was one of the injured. This individual was ticketed for failing to yield at the intersection. It is unknown if any further criminal charges are pending in this case.

When hurt in a car accident, the damages incurred can be quite significant. Those injured in this particular wreck may face a number of challenges during the course of their recoveries — such as financial concerns, physical pain or disabilities and emotional damages. In an effort to seek some relief, the victims of this incident may be entitled to pursue civil claims against the individual believed responsible for their losses. If negligence can be established before a New Jersey court, monetary judgments may be awarded for each successfully litigated claim, which could certainly prove helpful as the victims recover and work toward moving past this incident.

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