New Jersey car crash: Numerous weather-related accidents reported

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With the intense winter storms that have been hitting New Jersey as of late, numerous auto accidents have been reported. In one county alone, first responders were called to approximately two dozen incidents in a 24 hour period. While weather certainly can play a role in a car crash, authorities will also consider if other factors contributed to a wreck. If negligence is suspected, victims may have legal recourse.

On Monday, Feb. 15, authorities in Salem County were called to dozens of accidents throughout the day. Ambulances were called to at least 14 of the 25 reported incidents. Many of these wrecks involved only single vehicles whose drivers lost control. Several people did require transportation to area hospitals for treatment.

While authorities do believe that icy roads most certainly contributed to these wrecks, speeding was also a major factor in many of them as well. Drivers are responsible for driving at appropriate speeds for current road conditions. Of the numerous incidents reported, several drivers were ticketed for speeding and careless driving.

Whether injured in a single or multi-vehicle car crash, a victim may have the right to seek compensation for any damages he or she has sustained. If negligence can be established against the driver believed responsible, a New Jersey civil court may grant a victim a monetary award for any legally recoverable losses. These might include medical expenses, rehabilitative care costs, lost wages and compensation for any emotional and physical pain and suffering. While the effects of an accident can certainly linger, fighting for compensation can help a victim seek what he or she needs to help with recovery.

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