New Jersey workers’ compensation: 6 fire fighters injured

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Several of New Jersey’s finest fire fighters were recently injured while fighting a massive fire in Monmouth County. It is not believed that any of the injuries suffered are life threatening. However, the prognosis of each individual has not been reported. Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits should help cover the costs associated with treatment, rehabilitation, potential disability and income losses.

According to reports, fire crews and utility workers were called to the Jersey Shore business district to fight a blaze that affected at least three buildings. Crews worked for over four hours battling the fire. A total of 200 fire fighters reportedly responded to the scene.

High winds and a ruptured gas line made this fire difficult to fight. During that long process, six of the 200 fire fighters were injured. They were all taken to the Bayshore Community Hospital for treatment. The current conditions of each of these individuals has not been reported.

At this time, the cause of the fire is still being investigated. Fire crews are being commended for their work in getting the blaze under control as quickly as possible. Without their efforts, numerous other building could have been affected.

According to the state of New Jersey, the fire fighters who suffered injuries while working at the scene are entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits in order to assist them during their recoveries. There is no saying how long that may take, or if any of these individuals have suffered disability as a result. With legal assistance, those injured can take the steps necessary to make sure that they receive maximum compensation for their losses.

Source: Fox News, “Six firefighters injured battling large fire in New Jersey town“, April 9, 2016


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