New Jersey DUI accident: Impaired driver causes fatal crash

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A young woman in New Jersey recently lost her life when her car was struck by an impaired driver. According to reports, police claim the driver responsible was under the influence of drugs when he T-boned the victim’s vehicle. This individual is now facing several charges for the incident, including causing a fatal DUI accident.

This tragic incident is said to have occurred in Hamilton on Sept. 12. The accused is said to have been fleeing from police when he ran a red light and struck the vehicle of a 22-year-old female. The force of impact pinned her car up against a telephone pole. She was promptly rescued from her car and transported to a hospital in Trenton where she succumbed to her injuries.

The individual believed responsible for this wreck is a 22-year-old male. According to reports, officers attempted to pull the accused over after they claim to have seen him involved in a drug deal. He failed to comply, resulting in the chase and accident. He was caught after a short foot pursuit and arrested. He is now facing charges that include drug possession, DUI resulting in death, leaving an accident scene, driving on a suspended license and eluding — among several others.

If prosecuting attorneys are successful, the accused will be held criminally liable for his actions which could certainly grant the victim’s family a sense of justice served. The decedent’s loved one’s may also be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through filing civil claims against this individual and anyone else who may be held accountable for this fatal DUI accident. Wrongful death and survival action claims may be filed in a New Jersey court. If negligence can be proved, a monetary judgment for any and all recoverable losses may be awarded.

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