Workers’ compensation claim may help transportation worker

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Accidents while on the job can happen in any profession. When a New Jersey employee suffers a work injury, he or she may find it beneficial to file a workers’ compensation claim to help handle the aftermath of the incident. Two transportation workers may file claims after suffering injuries while working.

The accident occurred at a convenience store. One of the workers was mowing when his tractor hit a fuel pump, cutting the fuel lines. Without realizing this, the man backed up and continued to fuel the tractor. However, when he touched the nozzle, static electricity ignited a large fireball.

Though the man was able to stop, drop and roll to extinguish the flames that engulfed him, he was severely burned. He was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. A second nearby employee was also injured and was treated at the scene. Officials stated that the automatic safety shut-off valve on the gas pump prevented the fire from traveling through the fuel lines and causing a worse conflagration.

Because of the significant injuries, the workers will likely miss work for an extended period, which could lead to lost wages. If the employees decide to file workers’ compensation claims, they could be awarded monetary damages that could help pay for medical bills and make up those lost wages if their claims are successful. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys could assist any New Jersey employees who have been injured at work by providing more information about these claims as well as help clients complete the legal proceedings.

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