Work injury leads to fatality for one New Jersey worker

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Construction workers likely know that they may face many different hazards while on the job. Whatever the cause of the accident, a serious work injury or even a fatality may result. Tragically, one New Jersey construction worker was recently killed and another suffered injuries while performing work on a house.

According to authorities, the workers were installing a roof on a home. The two men were on the ground, attempting to relocate a ladder. In the process of moving the ladder, it came in contact with a power line. Both men were electrocuted as a result.

When first responders arrived at the scene, they found both men on the ground. One of the men died at the scene from the injuries he suffered. The injuries suffered by the other worker appeared to be not life-threatening, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The surviving worker may consider filing a workers’ compensation claim in the aftermath of this incident. If his claim is successful, he could be awarded monetary damages that could help pay for his medical bills and any wages he may lose over the course of his recovery. Similarly, the family of the deceased worker could also file a claim for damages. Any employees who have suffered a work injury could consult experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys to learn more about these types of claims. In addition to providing information, an attorney could assist a client in any future legal proceedings related to the claim.

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