Construction worker suffers serious work injury

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

There may be any number of factors that could contribute to an accident in a New Jersey workplace. Whatever the cause of work injury, those involved may decide to file a workers’ compensation claim for financial assistance during and after their recovery. A construction worker in another state may be considering filing after being seriously injured on the job.

Officials have yet to release extensive details of the accident. The man was reportedly working at a construction site at the time of the incident. Authorities stated that he was hit by rebar, which is a type of steel rod commonly used to strengthen concrete constructs.

Both the local fire department and emergency medical services responded to the accident. They worked to first secure him in a rescue basket and then lift him out of the site by a crane. While the details of the worker’s injuries have not been released, officials report that he was treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital. 

In addition to the medical bills this worker will likely face, he may also experience a loss in wages depending on the length of his recovery. This could lead to a strain on his finances. However, he may consider filing a workers’ compensation claim in an effort to receive monetary benefits that could help to cover these and other related expenses. Anyone who has received a work injury could consult an experienced New Jersey attorney to obtain more information about filing this type of claim.

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