City worker suffers serious work injury

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There is some element of risk in most New Jersey work environments. This risk can vary greatly depending on the job. Those performing construction or utility work often have a greater chance of suffering a work injury. A city worker in another state was recently injured after being hit by a car.

A witness who works in a nearby business reportedly observed the early morning accident. The worker, who works for the city’s Department of Public Works, was standing outside his vehicle at the time. As he was loading brush onto his truck bed, an oncoming car struck him. It is unclear at this time what caused the driver to hit the man.

The details of the man’s injuries were not revealed, though they were described as critical. The street where the accident occurred was shut down while authorities responded. The man was removed from the area by a medical helicopter and taken to a local hospital. No injuries were reported by the driver of the car.

Although perhaps not what one might consider an expected work injury, this man may still choose to file a workers’ compensation claim. If successful, such a claim could provide damages in the form of monetary benefits that could help him pay for medical bills and make up for any lost wages he may incur. Anyone hurt on the job is entitled to file this type of claim and may seek out an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney to learn more and to gain assistance in filing. In this case, the injured man may also have grounds for a third party personal injury claim against the car driver in civil court.

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