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June 2019 Archives

Crossing a street proves fatal in drunk driving accident

Drinking and driving do not mix. This is a known fact in New Jersey but accidents continue to happen. A man who reportedly struck and killed a pedestrian in a drunk driving accident was recently sentenced for the crime he committed.

Tragic car accident results in three deaths

The opioid crisis continues to take lives in New Jersey and around the country. A recent tragic car accident took the lives of three people at an area gas station. A man and his son had stopped to get gas and ended up dead. The driver of the car who struck them was under the influence of powerful opioid drugs.

Workers' compensation can help in the event of a work injury

Working in construction in New Jersey can be very satisfying work. It also brings with it the risk of injury. However, people engaged in such industries would like to believe that their employers have concern for their safety and exercise certain precautions in order to protect employees from receiving a work injury. A recent accident involving a scaffolding collapse sent four construction workers to the hospital.

Drunk driving accident shatters family's joy

Summer is almost here in New Jersey and that means warm weather, outdoor activities and college kids reuniting with families for summer breaks. They come home, reconnect with siblings and parents and spend quality time with family members. That was the situation of a young woman who was tragically killed in an apparent drunk driving accident on a recent Saturday evening.