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July 2019 Archives

New law may provide first responders workers' compensation

First responders run toward danger when others are running away. They run into burning buildings or flood waters or other disaster situations that could cause them harm. Some of the harm they face is exposure to chemicals, bacteria or other contaminants that could cause a serious illness. A bill recently signed into law by the governor provides workers' compensation coverage for such illnesses in New Jersey.

Tragic truck accident leaves 11-year-old an orphan

Traffic on New Jersey roads appears to be getting ever more congested. When trucks are added to the mix the chance of being involved in a serious truck accident increases. A recent accident involving a car and an 18-wheeler resulted in the deaths of three people and left a young boy an orphan.

Stressing over losing a job should not add to work injury

It is no secret that there are certain risks that accompany construction work in New Jersey. Hence the fact that safety equipment such as brightly colored vests and hard hats are required when working on a construction site. Regardless of precautions that one may take, accidents still happen. Accidents can result in a work injury that may require a person to take time away from work to recover.

A fatal car accident is a too common occurrence during summer

The summer of a person's 17th year is typically filled with hope and anticipation for one's senior year of high school and what comes afterwards. Sudden death does not top that list in New Jersey, but for one 17-year-old rising senior and her family, it became a reality on a recent weekend. The story is all too familiar as her death was caused by a car accident, one of the many that continue to ravage the nation's highways.

Arrest made in fatal New Jersey hit-and-run car accident

Most people feel relatively safe as they attempt to cross, or walk near, the street. The feeling of safety typically comes with the knowledge that most drivers of motor vehicles will ensure that they do not do anything to cause injury. Unfortunately, when drivers in New Jersey and across the country engage in negligent behavior, pedestrians can become injured. Unfortunately, a pedestrian was recently killed in a recent hit-and-run car accident.