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August 2019 Archives

An animal bite can forever mar a memory

Dogs are described as man's best friend and they fill any number of functions in people's daily lives in New Jersey. These functions range from therapy dogs protecting their owners, bomb sniffing dogs protecting troops and the public and companion animals who reward their owners with unconditional love. Dogs are also strong animals and like any other animal, can be somewhat unpredictable in certain situations. If a dog feels threatened, is taken by surprise or is scared, it may bite. An animal bite can be very scary for a person on the receiving end.

Workers' compensation may apply to carbon monoxide poisoning

Landscape workers in New Jersey face a certain number of risks. Heat stroke, and injuries from equipment are among those as is exposure to toxic fumes. A recent incident in New Jersey took the lives of two landscape workers. The tragedy was completely preventable if the company they worked for had adhered to safety guidelines and proper training procedures. Workers' compensation exists to aid in a situation such as this.

An animal bite often a frequent occurrence in August

Dogs are often called man's best friend. They are known for loving their owners unconditionally, and the pet tales that can move one to tears frequently involve stories of dogs and their masters. Dogs, like people, can feel threatened or may react defensively if startled, frightened or overwhelmed. Sadly, this can result in a dog bite and a possible animal bite lawsuit in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Two from high school community dead in drunk driving accident

Two members of an area high school community perished in a recent tragic crash in New Jersey. One victim was an alumnus of the high school and the other, riding in a different car, was a rising senior of the same high school. The driver of a car that is believed to have caused the crash was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the apparent drunk driving accident.