Workers’ compensation may apply to carbon monoxide poisoning

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Landscape workers in New Jersey face a certain number of risks. Heat stroke, and injuries from equipment are among those as is exposure to toxic fumes. A recent incident in New Jersey took the lives of two landscape workers. The tragedy was completely preventable if the company they worked for had adhered to safety guidelines and proper training procedures. Workers’ compensation exists to aid in a situation such as this.

Two workers for a New Jersey landscaping firm perished when they were exposed to carbon monoxide. The gas exposure was the result of having started their gasoline powered-lawnmowers inside the trailer used to transport them. While the toxic gas is still present when the mowers are started outside of the trailer, it dissipates into the air and the toxic danger is alleviated.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for failure to adequately train the employees to be aware of the hazards concerning exposure to the toxic gas in a contained area. The company faces a fine of $17,051. The company has 15 days to comply or respond to OSHA’s findings.

Workers in New Jersey who risk harm from exposure to toxic gases or dangerous chemicals have the right to expect to be adequately trained in procedures for protecting themselves from such a harmful and potentially fatal hazard. A person who has a lost a loved one as a result of possible exposure to a toxic substance could benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced professional. The case can be reviewed and the client advised as to options may be available under workers’ compensation law.


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