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October 2019 Archives

Work injury can result from too fast a pace

American society has become accustomed to being the best and fastest in many facets of everyday life. Not least among these is speedy delivery services provided by companies such as Amazon. The speedy deliveries may be coming at a cost to the health of some of the workers who are tasked with fulfilling the orders in New Jersey and around the country. The speed required to fill the orders and deliver them quickly may have resulted in an increase in the rate of work injury among Amazon warehouse workers.

A tragic car accident is an ever-present threat

Congested traffic is a known concern in New Jersey. Remaining safe on the crowded roadways requires remaining alert and always being on the lookout for the unexpected. Defensive driving remains one of the best ways to avoid a tragic car accident. But when a wrong-way driver enters the picture, reacting in time to such an unexpected and unpredictable occurrence may not always be possible.

A car crash can rob a family of a loved one

Increased traffic on New Jersey roadways increases the likelihood of being involved in a serious accident. While defensive driving is the best preventive measure a person can take, some car accidents cannot be avoided. A serious car crash recently resulted in two fatalities.

Car crash may have been hit-and-run

New Jersey roadways are heavily congested with traffic at almost all hours of the day and night. This can make it difficult to see pedestrians, sometimes resulting in hit-and-run accidents. A recent car crash near Camden involved a car and a pedestrian in the very early morning hours.