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An animal bite can cause serious problems

Leash laws that require dogs to be on leashes when on public property exist to protect dogs and their owners in New Jersey. There are exceptions for dog parks within a designated dog park area. A man near a dog park was the victim of an animal bite when an unleashed dog attacked his leashed dog.

A man was attempting to get his German shepherd, that was on a leash, into his car. An unleashed mastiff ran up to the shepherd and became aggressive. The shepherd's owner attempted to separate the animals and was bitten in the process. Police were summoned and requested an ambulance for the man, who was bleeding as a result of the bite. He was treated and released.

The incident occurred in Allamuchy Township where there is a leash law in effect. Both owners are members of the nearby dog park where dogs are permitted to be off leash but only within the fenced parameters of the dog park. Fines and other charges may be pending against the owner of the mastiff.

Dogs are considered to be man's best friend and when properly trained and restrained are normally perfectly safe. An animal bite can be serious as it not only exposes a person to the risk of rabies but can also be the source of infection if the bite is not properly treated. A person in New Jersey who has suffered an animal bite may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney regarding any legal options that may be available.

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