Traffic deaths actually dropped last year

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Car Accidents

Good news for drivers everywhere: Traffic deaths have actually started going down again, making the roads safer. The numbers from 2019 show a slight dip, something that had been lacking in recent years. 

Per the National Safety Council, the number of traffic deaths last year was about 38,800. Since there were 39,404 deaths in 2018, that shows a decline over one year by about 2%. You can also track it back against the 2017 numbers (40,231 deaths) and see that it fell by about 4%. 

Technically, traffic deaths have been falling since they peaked at over 56,000 back in 1972. However, there are ups and downs on the graph. For instance, 1975 saw just under 46,000 deaths, but it climbed back up to over 53,000 by 1979. 

The same thing had been happening in more recent years. There were 35,369 traffic deaths in 2013. By 2016, though, it had climbed back up over 40,000. To see things moving down again shows that this was yet another wave — the total graph is full of them. Hopefully, we are on the other side of that wave at this point. 

Even if we are, though, it’s still likely that more than 35,000 people will lose their lives every year. Plus, some of the reduction in fatalities just means that people suffered serious injuries and, thanks to advances in medical technology, they survived. These individuals’ lives are still changed forever, and that must be addressed. 

If you get badly injured in a car accident or if you lose a loved one, be sure you know your rights. If you are having trouble claiming fair compensation for your injuries and losses, it’s probably time to speak with an attorney.



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