Filing a personal injury claim after a winter slip and fall

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2021 | Premises Liability

With the approaching winter season underway, New Jersey residents should understand how frequently outdoor slip and fall accidents occur. Improperly salted walkways and parking lots are common places where these incidents happen. Property owners could be held responsible when a slip and fall occurs outside of their business because of debris, snow, or ice.

There are gray areas that could suggest the city could be the responsible party. Business owners might try to blame the city for not clearing the sidewalks. Regardless of who is at fault for not clearing the area, these accidents result in injury, medical bills, and time away from work for the victim. If you suffered a personal injury from an outdoor slip and fall because of an unclear pathway, you should be compensated for your losses.

Personal injury claims from an outdoor slip and fall accident

If you get injured due to an outdoor slip and fall, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the business owner. Suppose there were condition issues such as snow or ice-covered sidewalk, poor lighting, or other obstacles that resulted in your fall. The property owner may be responsible for not making the area safe. In that case, they may be found liable for your injuries.

How to know if you have a personal injury claim from an outside slip and fall accident

A personal injury accident can be confusing; if it was an accident, then how can someone be at fault? Legally, the property is the owner’s responsibility. If the owner had taken the appropriate steps to remove the obstacle, the accident could have been prevented.

By bringing your personal injury case to court, you may have a judge determine whether the accident was preventable if not for the property owner’s carelessness. In some cases, business liability insurance providers offer injured victims settlements in order to avoid court proceedings.


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