Regaining control of your vehicle when you skid out

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Driving might feel almost automatic to you. You may have taken the same route each day for many years, as well as numerous trips elsewhere. Your safe driving practices will have served to protect you, as well as those around you. 

While driving can be a rewarding activity, there is always a potential for danger, no matter how careful you is impossible for you to control weather conditions, which significantly impact road safety. You also can’t know for sure if something is going to go wrong mechanically- all you can do is take the best possible care of your vehicle. 

There is always an element of danger when on the roads and losing control of your vehicle is a possibility. Fortunately, losing control doesn’t need to result in an accident. There are ways for you to regain control of your vehicle. 

Tackling a rear-wheel skid

Rear-wheel skids can be extremely frightening and challenging to handle. If this happens, you may feel like your car is spinning out of control and you are powerless. Nonetheless, there are ways to counter a rear-wheel skid. It is important that you refrain from slamming on the brakes, as this could send a skid out of control. Instead, try to steer into the skid. This means that if you feel your car skidding out to the left, then you need to turn your steering wheel in that direction. 

Your front wheels can skid, too

Front-wheel skids are also referred to as understeer. Essentially, this means that your car will carry on in a straight line rather than turning the corner when you steer the wheel. You’ll probably notice that the steering wheel feels light in your hands, because of a loss of traction. The most effective way to counter this is to try and keep the wheels in the same direction as the skid and ease off the accelerator until traction is restored. Again, it is important to fight any instinct to slam on the brakes, as this is likely to only escalate the situation. 

Losing control of your car can be daunting but a loss of control doesn’t always need to result in a crash. If you have been unable to avoid a collision, be sure to explore your legal options in more detail. 


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