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An animal bite can cause serious problems

Leash laws that require dogs to be on leashes when on public property exist to protect dogs and their owners in New Jersey. There are exceptions for dog parks within a designated dog park area. A man near a dog park was the victim of an animal bite when an unleashed dog attacked his leashed dog.

An animal bite can forever mar a memory

Dogs are described as man's best friend and they fill any number of functions in people's daily lives in New Jersey. These functions range from therapy dogs protecting their owners, bomb sniffing dogs protecting troops and the public and companion animals who reward their owners with unconditional love. Dogs are also strong animals and like any other animal, can be somewhat unpredictable in certain situations. If a dog feels threatened, is taken by surprise or is scared, it may bite. An animal bite can be very scary for a person on the receiving end.

An animal bite often a frequent occurrence in August

Dogs are often called man's best friend. They are known for loving their owners unconditionally, and the pet tales that can move one to tears frequently involve stories of dogs and their masters. Dogs, like people, can feel threatened or may react defensively if startled, frightened or overwhelmed. Sadly, this can result in a dog bite and a possible animal bite lawsuit in New Jersey and elsewhere.

An animal bite can result in a civil suit

Dogs are often referred to as man's best friend. When they are properly trained and cared for, this can certainly be true in New Jersey. Dogs are also very strong animals who can be excitable and dangerous if not properly restrained and in the control of their owners. An animal bite may result that can cause serious injury or illness.

Inappropriate use of K-9 unit can cause dangerous animal bite

A recent lawsuit against the Atlantic City Police Department has resulted in an out of court settlement. The claimant alleged that he was assaulted by the police and a K-9 unit as he was walking home from a casino. An internal affairs investigation of the officers found that the officers had not used excessive force and that the animal bite was warranted.

Safety issues can lead to premises liability for huge retailer

Amazon is one of the nation's largest retailers with a large number of warehouses that are used to fulfill the vast number of online orders that the retailer receives. The company claims that worker safety is a top priority in New Jersey and around the country, and yet incidents of worker injuries and deaths continue to plague the online retailer and could lead to cases of premises liability. Recent incidents include two deaths and a serious injury.

Inadequate safety can result in a premises liability case

Keeping the power grid up and running in New Jersey is a critical task performed by dedicated employees. Working in an electrical power environment carries some risks. While employees may be aware of the risks, they also have a right to expect to be safe while on the job. Failure to adequately provide for safety may result in a premises liability case.

Man suffers animal bite from loose dog

Pets can bring joy and love to a family home. However, they can also bring terror to an individual in the event of an unexpected attack. An animal bite can leave lasting impressions, physically, mentally and emotionally. Suffering from an injury caused by an animal can also cause an individual financial repercussion. One New Jersey man is still recovering physically and financially from a dog attack that disfigured his face last year.

An animal bite in New Jersey can be a serious and costly injury

There are few creatures in life that seem to engender mixed feelings as much as the family dog. While there are those who are devoted to these pets, those who have suffered a serious injury from an animal bite likely may have a fear of them that may last a lifetime. Victims in New Jersey see the highest treatment costs in the country.

Infection a big concern following an animal bite

Every year, across the country, millions of people are injured in animal attacks. Following an animal bite, infection is a big concern. New Jersey residents who have fallen victim to animal attacks, even if they first seem minor in nature, should seek medical attention if any signs of infection become present.