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Crowded highways contribute to chance of being in a car accident

The national turnpike system is a transportation system that was developed many years ago to speed transportation from place to place. The idea was to enable drivers to avoid having to drive through the center of towns and cities on their way to their destinations in New Jersey and elsewhere. There was nowhere near the amount of the traffic in the beginning as there is now, and sadly the increased traffic increases the likelihood that a  car accident will occur.

A tragic car accident is an ever-present threat

Congested traffic is a known concern in New Jersey. Remaining safe on the crowded roadways requires remaining alert and always being on the lookout for the unexpected. Defensive driving remains one of the best ways to avoid a tragic car accident. But when a wrong-way driver enters the picture, reacting in time to such an unexpected and unpredictable occurrence may not always be possible.

A car crash can rob a family of a loved one

Increased traffic on New Jersey roadways increases the likelihood of being involved in a serious accident. While defensive driving is the best preventive measure a person can take, some car accidents cannot be avoided. A serious car crash recently resulted in two fatalities.

Car crash may have been hit-and-run

New Jersey roadways are heavily congested with traffic at almost all hours of the day and night. This can make it difficult to see pedestrians, sometimes resulting in hit-and-run accidents. A recent car crash near Camden involved a car and a pedestrian in the very early morning hours.

Failure to remain alert can cause a tragic car accident

Motorcycles are a popular means of communication for many people in New Jersey. They are a relatively economical and easy way to get around. They are also small and can be very hard to see, which means they are often involved in a tragic car accident. An accident involving a motorcycle happened on a recent Sunday evening.

Chances of a car accident increase on holiday weekends

Police chases can be dangerous in New Jersey. There are procedures that officers follow in an attempt to reduce dangers to other drivers. A car accident can still result from a high-speed car chase. One such accident resulted in a fatality on a recent morning.

A fatal car accident is a too common occurrence during summer

The summer of a person's 17th year is typically filled with hope and anticipation for one's senior year of high school and what comes afterwards. Sudden death does not top that list in New Jersey, but for one 17-year-old rising senior and her family, it became a reality on a recent weekend. The story is all too familiar as her death was caused by a car accident, one of the many that continue to ravage the nation's highways.

Arrest made in fatal New Jersey hit-and-run car accident

Most people feel relatively safe as they attempt to cross, or walk near, the street. The feeling of safety typically comes with the knowledge that most drivers of motor vehicles will ensure that they do not do anything to cause injury. Unfortunately, when drivers in New Jersey and across the country engage in negligent behavior, pedestrians can become injured. Unfortunately, a pedestrian was recently killed in a recent hit-and-run car accident.

Tragic car accident results in three deaths

The opioid crisis continues to take lives in New Jersey and around the country. A recent tragic car accident took the lives of three people at an area gas station. A man and his son had stopped to get gas and ended up dead. The driver of the car who struck them was under the influence of powerful opioid drugs.

A car accident can happen in grocery store parking lots

Grocery store parking lots can be hazardous places. With so many cars and pedestrians coming and going it can feel like game of bumper cars. One should take special care when driving in a grocery store parking lot in order to avoid a possible car accident. Failure to do so in a New Jersey grocery store parking lot may have led to a pedestrian's death.