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Truck Accidents Archives

New Jersey accident leaves driver dead, 2 truckers injured

A Dec. 6 accident left one driver dead and two others injured. According to New Jersey State Police, the accident occurred on Route 78, and lanes were closed near Exit 49 late into the evening. The two-vehicle collision included an Audi A4, a fuel tanker and a tractor-trailer carrying a load of mulch.

Crash on turnpike kills 1, injures 1

One person died after an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike on Nov. 26 that occurred when a dump truck hit a vehicle that was stopped on the shoulder. The crash reportedly happened at about 6:30 p.m.; the truck was said to have struck the back of a southbound 2010 Ford Crown Victoria.

Driver fatigue and truck accidents

New Jersey residents may not be aware that large truck accidents kill nearly 5,000 people on average each year. Around 30 to 40 percent of large truck accidents are the result of driver fatigue. Driver fatigue comes about from working shifts made up of long hours of continuous driving with little or no breaks. These shifts may be scheduled in such a way that does not allow for sufficient rest and sleep time in between. This can lead to impaired reaction time and falling asleep at the wheel leading to a crash.

Man killed after dump truck pushes car into lake

A 59-year-old man was killed in a New Jersey crash when his car was shoved into a lake by a dump truck operated by a 38-year-old man. Police charged the younger man with death by auto and other offenses, and his bail was set at $250,000. He was hospitalized for unspecified injuries suffered in the accident.

Tractor-trailer crash kills father and son, 1 other

An accident that occurred just near the New York border in Mahwah, New Jersey on June 24 left three men dead and three more with injuries. Two of the individuals who died in the truck accident were a 42-year-old father and his 22-year-old son who were both from Nyack.

Box truck hits DOC vehicle in New Jersey

When trucks are involved in accidents, a number of questions arise. Was the driver properly trained and adequately rested? Was there a fault with the truck that made it difficult to control? Was the driver simply negligent, or even intoxicated? Or was the truck accident simply the result of bad weather or poor driving conditions? In New Jersey, law enforcement officials do all they can to answer these questions and try to prevent future accidents.

Catastrophic California accident a reminder of dangers of commercial carriers

New Jersey readers may have heard about the catastrophic accident out in California last week which resulted in the death of 10 people and the injury of others. The accident occurred when a FedEx truck, for unknown reasons, crossed over a median and crashed into a coach bus carrying numerous high school students who were set to visit a local university.

Holding truckers accountable for deadly, injurious accidents

New Jersey didn’t make the top ten for the list of states where deadly truck accidents are most likely to occur. That report, which looked at crash data from 2012, found that the state of North Dakota was the most likely state for fatal truck crashes to happen. Following North Dakota were a number of more rural states, including Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Indiana.