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1 dead, 2 injured in recent New Jersey car accident

Motor vehicle collisions are an unfortunate regular occurrence that rarely result in a favorable situation. Often, victims suffer serious injuries or even fatalities. One New Jersey man was recently killed in a car accident with a driver who may have been negligent.

According to officials, the victim was traveling along a local road in the early morning hours when the collision occurred. A driver in another vehicle crossed the center line into oncoming traffic, striking the victim's vehicle head-on. What caused the driver to veer into oncoming traffic has yet to be determined.

Construction worker suffers work injury on New Jersey expressway

Accidents on the job could happen any number of ways. Those whose professions require physical labor are often at higher risk of being involved in an accident. In some cases, such an incident could result in a work injury. A New Jersey construction worker was recently injured while performing work on a local expressway.

According to officials, the man was working with crews from the South Jersey Transportation Authority when the accident occurred. The workers were attempting to change a road sign located on the Atlantic City Expressway. During the process of changing it, the sign fell. It then landed in the westbound lanes and caused injury to the worker.

New Jersey woman killed in recent car accident at bus stop

Motor vehicle collisions can happen in an instant. Drivers who fail to pay attention to the road are much more likely to cause a car accident. Such accidents often lead to property damage and serious injuries. A New Jersey woman was recently killed in a collision that may have been caused by a negligent driver.

According to authorities, the driver of an SUV ran his vehicle off the road, jumping the nearby curb. The vehicle then crashed into a bus stop located near Hackensack Meridian Health Palisades Medical Center, demolishing it in the process. The SUV also struck a pedestrian, who was a nursing assistant at the hospital.

New Jersey worker suffers serious work injury after fall

Though most workplaces try to implement as many safety precautions as believed necessary, unexpected accidents may still happen. Depending on the severity of the incident, employees may then face a serious work injury that not only causes physical injury but may keep them out of work due to a lengthy recovery period. One New Jersey man was recently injured after falling at a construction site.

The accident reportedly occurred at the Staples Warehouse in Plainfield. Officials said that the man was performing work on the roof of the building when it suddenly collapsed under him. The man fell onto a concrete slab 22 feet below. The cause of the collapse has yet to be determined.

Drunk driving accident claims life of New Jersey woman

Fatal motor vehicle accidents can be devastating for families. This is especially true when the collision could have possibly been prevented had someone avoided driving after consuming alcohol. A New Jersey woman was recently killed in one such drunk driving accident.

Police said the woman was traveling north along a local highway when the collision occurred. The driver believed to be at fault is said to have been traveling south when his truck crossed the center median and drove into the northbound lanes where his vehicle struck the victim's car. Authorities are still investigating at this time.

City worker suffers serious work injury

There is some element of risk in most New Jersey work environments. This risk can vary greatly depending on the job. Those performing construction or utility work often have a greater chance of suffering a work injury. A city worker in another state was recently injured after being hit by a car.

A witness who works in a nearby business reportedly observed the early morning accident. The worker, who works for the city's Department of Public Works, was standing outside his vehicle at the time. As he was loading brush onto his truck bed, an oncoming car struck him. It is unclear at this time what caused the driver to hit the man.

New Jersey woman killed in fiery truck accident

Even if precautions are taken, roadways can be dangerous. There can be many reasons a collision might occur, from drivers failing to pay attention to their surroundings to simple mistakes. Whatever the cause, such accidents often result in serious injuries. A New Jersey woman was recently killed in a truck accident.

Officials say that as the woman was traveling west, a driver in a tractor-trailer headed north collided with her vehicle. The victim's car was wedged underneath the truck and dragged along the road. It then caught fire, trapping the victim inside. Police have not revealed what initially caused the truck to strike the victim's car.

New Jersey pedestrian recently killed in car accident

There may be many reasons a motor vehicle collision may occur. When someone is texting and driving, too tired to drive or even in a negative state of mind, they could find themselves too distracted to properly operate a vehicle. A car accident is much more likely to occur when a driver is distracted. One New Jersey man recently lost his life after being struck by a driver who appears to have been distracted.

Authorities stated that the man was walking along the side of Route 66 when he was struck by a van. The driver of the van reportedly remained on the scene after the collision. Police are currently looking for witnesses in their investigation in conjunction with the county prosecutor's office. It is unknown at this time whether charges will be filed.

Construction worker suffers serious work injury

There may be any number of factors that could contribute to an accident in a New Jersey workplace. Whatever the cause of work injury, those involved may decide to file a workers' compensation claim for financial assistance during and after their recovery. A construction worker in another state may be considering filing after being seriously injured on the job.

Officials have yet to release extensive details of the accident. The man was reportedly working at a construction site at the time of the incident. Authorities stated that he was hit by rebar, which is a type of steel rod commonly used to strengthen concrete constructs.

One killed and another injured in recent New Jersey DUI accident

Drinking and driving is never an acceptable action. Though some drivers may make it to their destinations without incident, many people have the potential for causing injury when they practice this type of behavior. One man has been killed and a woman injured in a recent DUI accident in New Jersey.

Police stated that a surveillance camera caught the crash on video. It showed a driver in an SUV accelerate through an intersection and hitting another car from behind before hitting a motorcyclist. The force of the impact knocked the motorcyclist off of his bike. Authorities said that it looked like the SUV driver did not attempt to brake until after striking the first vehicle.