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Work injury leads to fatality for one New Jersey worker

Construction workers likely know that they may face many different hazards while on the job. Whatever the cause of the accident, a serious work injury or even a fatality may result. Tragically, one New Jersey construction worker was recently killed and another suffered injuries while performing work on a house.

According to authorities, the workers were installing a roof on a home. The two men were on the ground, attempting to relocate a ladder. In the process of moving the ladder, it came in contact with a power line. Both men were electrocuted as a result.

New Jersey man killed, 2 others injured in car accident

Sadly, motor vehicle collisions have become a common occurrence not only in New Jersey but across the country. While there may be many factors that could contribute to a car accident, any of them could result in property damage and serious injuries or fatalities. One man was killed and three others were injured in a recent collision.

According to state police, the victim stopped his car on the shoulder of the highway. He then stepped out to adjust the bicycle attached to his vehicle. At that time, another car struck both the victim and his car. Both vehicles caught fire after the impact.

6 injured in drunk driving accident in New Jersey

Whenever serious motor vehicle collisions occur, it is all the more tragic when they could have been prevented if one of the drivers had made a different decision before getting behind the wheel. When drivers consume alcohol and attempt to drive, they are taking not only their lives for granted, but those of everyone else on the roadway. A recent drunk driving accident in New Jersey injured a total of six people.

Authorities stated that the vehicle the victims were traveling in was making a left turn when it was struck. The car of the other driver involved hit the victims' car on the front passenger side. Though the crash remains under investigation, the driver believed to be responsible was arrested on the scene under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Distracted driver is a recipe for disaster in New Jersey

It is estimated that distracted driving caused 3,477 road fatalities across the country in 2015. In the same year, 391,000 people were injured in accidents because drivers were distracted. There is little doubt that a distracted driver is a disaster in the making.

New Jersey drivers who are not giving their full attention to driving and engage in activities not related to driving have an increased chance of being involved in an accident. Distractions can range from chatting with passengers, eating, drinking, using a cell phone or playing around with the navigation, stereo or entertainment systems. In short a distraction is anything that can divert attention from the task at hand -- driving safely.   

Employee injured by elevator could file for workers' compensation

Sometimes accidents happen in ways no one expects. When this happens on the job, New Jersey employees involved may be able to file workers' compensation claims to help deal with the cost of any resulting injuries or lost wages. A worker at the construction site of a future international food market in a neighboring state suffered severe injuries after an elevator accident.

The accident occurred as the worker was riding in a construction elevator that was located outside of the building. For unknown reasons, the elevator broke and subsequently ejected the man. It then pinned him against the wall, causing him serious injury. Investigators from the Department of Buildings were sent to the location but have yet to release any further information relating to the cause of the incident.

Possible distracted driver leads to death of New Jersey Priest

Collisions can easily occur when New Jersey drivers are negligent. Falling asleep at the wheel, texting while driving or otherwise failing to pay attention to surroundings could all be considered negligent acts committed by a distracted driver. A priest and his sister were recently killed in a crash involving a possibly negligent driver.

Investigators stated that the two victims were riding in a minivan. Their van was stopped at a red light when the accident occurred. Another driver in a truck failed to slow down and rear ended their vehicle. No charges have been made against the driver believed to be at fault, but authorities are continuing to investigate the crash.

Truck accident claims the life of New Jersey man

Though tractor-trailers are a necessity in transporting cargo long distances, their size and the heavy loads they typically carry can be dangerous when the trucks are involved in collisions. Unfortunately, these types of collisions often result in fatalities. A truck accident recently led to the death of New Jersey man.

Reports indicate that the truck was hauling trash from a construction site when the accident occurred. Investigators believe that the driver of the truck veered off the road, hitting a curb. This led to the truck going up a dirt embankment and overturning. When the truck overturned, it landed on the two cars in the lane beside it, crushing them both.

Workers' compensation claim may help transportation worker

Accidents while on the job can happen in any profession. When a New Jersey employee suffers a work injury, he or she may find it beneficial to file a workers' compensation claim to help handle the aftermath of the incident. Two transportation workers may file claims after suffering injuries while working.

The accident occurred at a convenience store. One of the workers was mowing when his tractor hit a fuel pump, cutting the fuel lines. Without realizing this, the man backed up and continued to fuel the tractor. However, when he touched the nozzle, static electricity ignited a large fireball.

DUI accident kills 23-year-old college student

Driving cars can be dangerous enough without the added impairment of drinking alcohol. Injuries or fatalities caused by a DUI accident are often even more heartbreaking knowing that the crash could have been prevented if the driver had not been behind the wheel. A young New Jersey college student was recently killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk driver.

The collision occurred in the early morning hours of May 12. The victim, who worked for a gubernatorial candidate, was heading home from work. As he was about to get into his car, another driver struck him and his parked vehicle before fleeing the area. Authorities believe that driver was drunk at the time of the crash.

New Jersey man may seek workers' compensation after injury

New Jersey construction workers face many dangers at work on a daily basis. When employees find themselves injured on the job, they may consider filing workers' compensation claims to gain financial assistance for medical bills and other losses. One electrical company worker is likely looking into his options after suffering serious injuries in a recent accident.

The man was working at a college campus on the morning of May 2 when the incident occurred. Reports state that he fell into an electrical vault located 30 feet underground. It is unknown whether officials know what caused the man to fall. Both campus police and officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded to the accident to help the man escape.