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Tree worker dies from work injury

Protocols and procedures are put in place as safety guidelines for people working in hazardous work environments. To avoid an accident, New Jersey workers should meticulously calculate every decision and move when completing a high-risk job. Unfortunately, there can be miscalculations on a job due to human error that can lead to a serious work injury or death. Recently, a man in a neighboring state lost his life after a tragic fall while taking safety measures to complete a task.

The man was working for a tree removal company when he died on a recent Saturday morning. He was 45 feet in the air as he began removing a tree from a residential property. It has been determined that the professional tree remover was wearing a safety harness at the time of the incident.

Construction worker died from work injury

Large machinery is beneficial when working on a construction site as it can help complete a task quicker and easier than manual labor. However, it also has its risks for those operating or working near the equipment. Regardless of New Jersey safety regulations put in place to avoid a mishap, sometimes an accident occurs that results in a work injury or death. According to reports, almost half of the work fatalities are related to construction.

Unfortunately, a construction worker in a nearby state lost his life after a serious injury when working on the job. The accident occurred mid-afternoon at a resort site that was under construction. The 56-year-old man was taking apart a trench box with an excavator when the accident occurred. The specific cause of the incident is unclear.

2 killed in fiery truck accident

There are many dangers when driving on the road, including encounters with larger vehicles. Many times, the visibility of a large truck is limited, posing a potential risk of a collision. When one is involved in a truck accident as a passenger in a smaller car, the probability of being seriously injured or killed increases significantly.  Unfortunately, an off-duty New Jersey firefighter and one other person lost their lives in a recent tragic accident with a dump truck.

During the early afternoon, the vehicle with the two passengers and the dump truck collided head-on. The collision resulted in a large fire, igniting both motor vehicles. The responding firemen did not realize that the accident included one of their own as they responded to the scene. 

Man dies from work injury

When a job requires manual work, it is imperative for New Jersey laborers to be aware of their surroundings to ensure safety for themselves and others while the job is being completed. However, when safety measures fail, it can cause a serious work injury or a fatal accident. Unfortunately, a young man recently fell to his death in a nearby state when a safety rail gave way while he was on the job.

The 23-year-old man had been employed with the company for only six months when he came to his untimely death. While working on the inside of a subway station during the early morning hours, the worker was standing in a position between two columns on a wooden safety railing. The railing then snapped underneath his feet, sending him plunging more than 20 feet below.

Driver of 18-wheeler causes deadly accident

When traveling on a New Jersey roadway, drivers must share the road with different types of vehicles. The size of motor vehicles ranges from the two-wheel motorcycle up to the 18-wheeler. With a large range of sizes, the risk of an accident rises if drivers are unaware of their surroundings or break the traffic laws. Unfortunately, when a large vehicle collides with a smaller, the accident can cause serious injury or death.

In late February, a 52-year-old tractor-trailer driver attempted to make an illegal U-turn in the middle of a road. As he was making the U-turn, he struck a 25-year-old motorcyclist. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist succumbed to his injuries soon after the accident.

Serious car accident possibly caused by distracted driver

As smartphones and other devices become more intertwined with daily life, the more distracted one can be. One of the many dangers faced while traveling on the road is a distracted driver. The inattentiveness of another behind a wheel can lead to serious injury or even death. To avoid an accident, New Jersey drivers should put away cellphones and any other added distractions to focus on the task of driving.

Recently, two people were seriously injured in a car accident. Before sunrise, police responded to a car wreck involving an SUV and a van. According to the traffic report, the SUV -- operated by a 62-year-old driver -- collided with the passenger van. There were 18 passengers in the van at the time of the incident.

Two killed in drunk driving accident

One of the many risks of driving commonly forgotten is other people operating their vehicles simultaneously on the road. Drivers are unaware if other motorists are distracted, under the influence or falling asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, the negligence of other drivers can cause harm or deadly collisions. Recently, a New Jersey elderly couple was fatally injured in a drunk driving accident.

The pair had befriended each other after losing their spouses. On the day of the accident, the couple was returning home from an early dinner on a Sunday afternoon. Unbeknown to the duo, an impaired driver was driving at the same time and ran a red light, colliding with the couple. Shortly after the collision, the 82- and 81-year-old lost their lives from their injuries.

New Jersey man suffers work injury 6 feet under

Those working in physically demanding jobs not only rely on their own manpower to complete the job but also their equipment. However, sometimes, equipment can fail, causing a delay in the job completion or worse, a work injury. Recently, a New Jersey cemetery worker experienced a failure of equipment, which led to him being buried alive.

Little did the 59-year-old man know he was digging his own grave while just doing his job. As he was working on a new grave, the concrete burial vault cover used in the burial process collapsed on top of him. The man was then pinned down by the 800-pound concrete slab until emergency crews could arrive.

Construction worker suffers serious work injury in demolition

Construction work can be dangerous for New Jersey workers in the industry. Whether caused by equipment failure, lack of safety precautions or other factors, an accident on the job could result in a serious work injury. In addition to the physical suffering a victim may face, he or she may also have to deal with unexpected financial burdens. A worker in a neighboring state was recently injured when a roof collapsed.

Reports indicate that the victim was working with another construction worker at the time of the accident. The men were working to tear down a home. For reasons that are still unclear, the roof of the house collapsed onto the victim. Further details of the incident have yet to be revealed.

New Jersey man killed in car crash while buckling in his child

Automobile collisions may result from many different factors. Some common causes may be due to drivers who may be distracted or failing to comply with traffic laws. A car crash that results in a fatality may prompt the deceased victim's family to inquire about their legal options. A New Jersey family is likely examining their options after a man was recently killed by another driver.

Police stated that the victim was outside the South Amboy YMCA when the collision occurred. He was standing outside his car, attempting to secure his child's seat belt when the driver believed to be responsible crashed into him and his vehicle. Reports indicate that the driver was on his way to pick up his own child at the time.