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$2.5 Million

Female student secretly filmed while changing in locker room by swimming coach.

$2.4 Million

Pedestrian run over by car at hotel by drunk band member who was playing at the venue sustaining catastrophic injuries.

$2.1 Million

Work related slip and fall on water involving neck, shoulder and back injuries.

$1.2 Million

Child drowning case at city pool.

$1.1 Million

Railroad employee accident (FELA) requiring knee replacement.


Rear-end hit by drunk driver involving hip replacement.


Slip on ice accident involving brain injury.


Motor vehicle accident with cervical disc fusion.


Second degree burns from work related furnace backdraft accident.


Work related motor vehicle accident with cervical disc surgery.


Motor vehicle accident resulting in hand injury.


Work related motor vehicle accident with cervical disc surgery.


Slip on ice and snow fall down accident in shopping center parking lot requiring multiple hip replacements.


Toxic chemical exposure to antifreeze leak in rental car causing reactive airway dysfunction.


Second degree burns on child in premises liability case.


Pedestrian hit by car in parking lot suffering fractured hip.


Passenger in bus who slipped on icy steps with disc surgery.


Settlement for head on car crash for woman with back surgery.


For college student assaulted by criminal assailant resulting in severe facial fractures requiring plastic surgery.


Motor vehicle accident with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Motor vehicle accident with rotator cuff surgery.


Slip and fall on ice at apartment complex while walking to bus stop sustaining injuries requiring neck surgery.


Fall down resulting in shoulder replacement surgery.


Motor vehicle death on New Jersey Turnpike. (full policy limits)


Woman injured by no parking sign that blew off post and struck her in parking lot of shopping mall resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Electrical shock causing neurological damage to operator struck through headset.


Medical malpractice involving ruptured esophagus during esophagogastroduodenoscopy (panendoscopy) (EGD) procedur.


Motor vehicle accident with recommendation for three level lumbar fusion.


Premises liability with lumbar disc surgery.


Passenger in car that slipped on ice with facial scarring.


Motor vehicle accident with multiple lumbar disc surgeries.


Slip and fall in grocery store with cervical disc surgery.


Child in motor vehicle accident. (full policy limits)


Rear-end hit accident with thoracic disc surgery.


Motor vehicle accident with back surgery.


Motor vehicle accident with lumbar disc fusion.


Motor vehicle accident with lumbar disc surgery.


Car accident with cervical disc surgery.


Pedestrian-motor vehicle accident with cognitive brain injury. (full policy limits)


Automobile accident with cervical disc surgery.


Resulting in perforated intestine.


Motor vehicle accident with recommendation for disc fusion.


Child bitten by a dog on face.


Teenager in paint ball accident with eye injury.


Work related construction accident on crane with hand crush injury.


Motorcycle accident with ankle surgery involving internal fixation.


Aggravation of brain injury in motor vehicle accident.


Pedestrian hit by car resulting in death.


Motor vehicle accident resulting in cervical disc fusion.


Apartment dweller suffers minor heart attack after young men shoot bb’s at her front door.


Children in motor vehicle accident.


Student assaulted in high school with wrist surgery and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Rear-end hit car accident with herniated disc surgery.


Slip on ice at apartment house with cervical disc surgery.


Motor vehicle accident with cervical disc surgery.


Motor vehicle accident with herniated disc.


Shopping cart that hit pothole resulting in shoulder surgery.


Assault by fellow patron at betting venue sustaining shoulder injury.

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If anyone is looking for the BEST Attorney out there I HIGHLY recommend Jim Curran. His communication & Professionalism with his clients is AMAZING. His ability to put his client at ease is Great. He also...

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We have been using the services of Mr. James Curran for over 25 years. He is the most professional and ethical lawyer that can be found. Mr. Curran provides the one on one service like in the olde days which is...

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If I had room to add more stars I would give you a 10! I can not thank you enough for all you did for me. Your understanding and compassion is like a breath of fresh air. You certainly take the worries...

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