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Wonderland Pier Fall Highlights the Top Cause of Construction Deaths
Law Offices of James M. Curran

When we hear about catastrophic accidents at amusement parks, they typically involve visitors who fell or were thrown from a ride because it malfunctioned or they weren’t fastened in properly. However, those who build, maintain and repair these rides can be seriously injured or killed as well. Early this month, a 62-year-old New Jersey man…

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Long Shifts Can Lead to Dangerous Trucker Fatigue
Law Offices of James M. Curran

The professional drivers who drive semitrucks back and forth across the country have very demanding jobs. They need to deliver their loads regardless of the weather or what happens in traffic. Sometimes, they drive across the country in just a few days to get materials or products where they need to go.  Unfortunately, long hours…

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Are Conversations in the Car Really a Cause of Distracted Driving?
Law Offices of James M. Curran

When it comes to distracted driving, you may think that cell phones are the only cause. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.  While the use of cell phones in any capacity behind the wheel is prohibited by New Jersey law, talking to passengers in your vehicle can be equally distracting and dangerous. Talking to passengers in…

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Unsecured Truck Cargo Poses a Serious Threat to Motorists
Law Offices of James M. Curran

When a truck’s cargo is not well secured, the safety of other motorists is at risk. Falling debris can be disastrous if it lands on an unsuspecting motorist. In addition, loosely secured cargo can shift the truck’s weight in unexpected ways, causing the driver to lose control. If this happens, it means that someone slept…

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What Impact Does a Dog’s Breed Have on Your Dog Bite Claim?
Law Offices of James M. Curran

New Jersey has strict liability laws for dog owners. Simply put, owning a canine companion means that a human is responsible for that dog’s behavior toward other people. The dog does not have to have an established history of aggression or any previous bite incidents for the owner to have legal and financial liability for…

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