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Articles Posted in Premises Liability

What is Negligent Security?
Law Offices of James M. Curran

In this day and age, it sometimes feels like trouble can follow you anywhere and that nowhere is truly safe – but it shouldn’t be that way. You have a right to expect your landlord or other property owners to take reasonable steps to protect residents and visitors from foreseeable dangers and threats from bad…

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim After a Winter Slip and Fall
Law Offices of James M. Curran

With the approaching winter season underway, New Jersey residents should understand how frequently outdoor slip and fall accidents occur. Improperly salted walkways and parking lots are common places where these incidents happen. Property owners could be held responsible when a slip and fall occurs outside of their business because of debris, snow, or ice. There…

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Who is Negligent in a Slip-and-Fall Accident at a Store?
Law Offices of James M. Curran

Grocery store shoppers in New Jersey might find a local establishment crowded and bustling. Consumers could lose their bearing and fall. Or, they may slip on something spilled on the floor. The resulting injuries could be far worse than expected, leading to civil claims. Who is responsible for the loss, though? Sometimes, the answer could…

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The Basics of Attractive Nuisance Law
Law Offices of James M. Curran

Premises liability law covers a wide range of injuries in New Jersey, including slip and falls, injuries from defective conditions or incidents due to snow and ice on the property. A type of injury most people don’t think about is attractive nuisance, an object that may attract children onto the premises. Basics of Attractive Nuisance…

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An Animal Bite Can Forever Mar a Memory
Law Offices of James M. Curran

Dogs are described as man’s best friend and they fill any number of functions in people’s daily lives in New Jersey. These functions range from therapy dogs protecting their owners, bomb sniffing dogs protecting troops and the public and companion animals who reward their owners with unconditional love. Dogs are also strong animals and like…

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