Workers’ compensation in New Jersey

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Most employees in New Jersey have workers’ compensation coverage from their employers, and this form of insurance offers benefits to a worker who suffers from job-related illnesses or injuries. The type of benefits that a worker receives is based on an injury or illness, and an employee may be given medical benefits, permanent partial disability benefits and temporary or permanent total disability benefits. An employee’s family may also receive death benefits if a work-related fatality occurs.

Workers are supposed to request medical treatment and notify someone in an authority position at their company as soon as possible after suffering an injury. A business is then supposed to alert its insurance company to file a First Report of Injury with the state. After approving a claim, an employer’s insurance agency will provide information about where the employee can get treatment. In New Jersey, the insurance company or employer can select the physicians that an injured worker can see for job-related accidents.

Workers receive temporary disability benefits if they spend more than seven days off work or need rehabilitation, and a worker is entitled to these benefits even if an accident was the worker’s fault. A worker has options when a dispute about benefits arises, and the employee can file an Application for an Informal Hearing or a formal Claim Petition with the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

After suffering a work injury, a worker has the right to contact an attorney to ensure that he or she receives fair treatment. An attorney might be helpful when filing complicated claims paperwork, or the attorney could inform the worker about options after an injury occurs. Some workers may be entitled to compensation from a third party depending on what led to the accident.

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