A look at roadside worker fatalities across the country

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Firm News

New Jersey workers may be interested in some data about the prevalence of fatalities where roadside workers are concerned. Though the number killed every year appears to be dropping, the risk of work injury or death remains great.

Though they are often marked with numerous signs, barrels and other barriers, roadside construction sites continue to be dangerous places for both workers and drivers. Each year, over 100 worker fatalities are reported across the country. Texas alone reported 131 work zone deaths in the decade beginning with 2003, making it the highest number of roadside construction site fatalities in the country. Nearly two-thirds of these fatalities in 2013 resulted in the deaths of construction workers, roadside maintenance workers, truck drivers and other employees in related fields. Of these, 60 percent were employed by private companies.

The primary cause of death for roadside workers is being struck by a vehicle or piece of moving equipment. Other prominent causes of fatality include falls, overturned vehicles and collisions while inside of a vehicle or piece of equipment. Statistics show that the number of roadside fatalities may be falling after a peak number of deaths in 2003. However, with over a hundred annually, there is still more work to be done to improve safety.

When a person is seriously injured on the job, whether from a traffic accident, fall or some other type of injury, they may have a valid claim for workers’ compensation. An attorney with experience with work injuries may be able to help file a claim. This could result in compensation for lost wages, long or short-term disability, and other expenses. The attorney may also file further legal action if necessary.


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