Understanding hyper-extension injuries caused by a collision

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New Jersey residents may find the explanation of the symptoms and causes of whiplash provided by the American Chiropractic Association useful. Often referred to as cervical strain or a hyper-extension injury, this common ailment is caused the most by vehicle collisions and can lead to further complications if not properly addressed. An individual who has been recently involved in an accident of this nature should note that symptoms may not show until several days afterwards.

The development of chronic pain is likely if a person has not sought the advice of an expert in the field as it pertains to a hyper-extension injury, such as a chiropractor or neck specialist. It is often tempting to forego seeking treatment because the symptoms may appear to be minor at first, and recovery options like chiropractic care can be expensive. However, an individual should be aware that not investing in the right treatment can lead to further complications later on, which could end up costing more in the end than it would have cost to see a specialist in the beginning.

A hyper-extension injury can occur whenever the neck is abruptly knocked back and forth. Damage to the ligaments, spine, joints, nerve roots, the vertebrae, muscles and the neck can be common. The facet joints that are located in the spine are often the most susceptible to a hyper-extension injury. Dislocation and fracture of the vertebrae is also possible in extreme cases.

Often, car-related injuries that cause a hyper-extension injury may result from the other driver being preoccupied in one way or another, causing them to drive recklessly and strike another vehicle. A car accident victim may find it difficult to recover from an injury like this and might wish to speak to an attorney about their legal options.

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