Accident at overpass injures 2

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An accident in New Jersey on Feb. 11 resulted in injuries to two individuals and lane closures due to a damaged bridge overpass. The overpass was inspected by government engineers to see if it was safe to reopen the road. As of this reporting, there has been no word whether charges will be filed against the truck driver who reportedly caused the accident.

The truck accident occurred on Route 3 when a semi-trailer carrying a steel structure did not clear the overpass and struck it. When the truck struck the overpass, its load fell on a van, authorities said. Both occupants of the van suffered injuries. One of the injured individuals was taken to a hospital while fire department personnel worked for about an hour to extricate the other man from the wreckage. The trapped occupant reportedly suffered severe injuries to his legs and was helicoptered to a hospital near Hackensack.

Tractor-trailer drivers require training to stay safe on the roadway as well as ensuring the safety of other motor vehicle. It is also the responsibility of a truck driver to know overpass clearances as well as the measurements of his or her load to assure that the truck will pass through without incident. In some cases, an employer may also be considered at fault for a driver’s failure to ensure safety.

As in the case above, if an individual has been injured as the result of a negligent truck driver, he or she may face medical costs and loss of wages. An attorney may assist by reviewing accident reports and the trucker’s log to determine fault. If evidence demonstrates the driver’s negligence and liability, an attorney may help recover damages caused by the accident by filing a personal injury suit in civil court.

Source: WPIX, “Two injured, major traffic delays after tractor-trailer hits NJ overpass,” Feb. 11, 2015


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