Police and prosecutor investigating death of New Jersey bicyclist

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The police department in Paramus, New Jersey, and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office continue to look into the accident the killed one bicyclist and injured another. Two men, ages 23 and 24, were heading east on Midland Avenue in Paramus when an eastbound Jeep Grand Cherokee struck them, according to a police news release.

The bicyclists suffered injuries to the head and body. The Paramus police chief said that the 23-year-old man died later at Hackensack University Medical Center where the other bicyclist continues to be treated.

The driver of the Jeep was a 38-year-old man from Passaic, New Jersey. The prosecutor’s office has yet to file any complaints against him.

Although the police have yet to identify the cause of this incident, car accidents are sometimes shown to be the result of a negligent driver. Negligence arises when a person fails in his or her duty to operate a vehicle safely. Texting and driving is one example of unsafe behavior. If an investigation reveals a disregard for safety, a person injured in a car accident might be able to sue the responsible party for damages.

The injured person might choose to speak with an attorney to learn about the types of compensation he or she has a right to claim. Most often, a personal injury lawsuit seeks compensation for medical bills, therapy needed for recovery and lost income. An attorney could help a person assess the evidence to see if it would support a lawsuit. Negotiations with an insurance company might also be necessary, and an attorney might be able to assist in gaining an adequate settlement for the injured person.

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